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Who We Are

Talentosa Productions is a creative production company focused on translating organisations, businesses and brands into photos, videos, audio and experiences that engage educate and sell.  We provide end to end production services from creative ideation to delivery. 


We like to be known by our clients for our on time and within budget delivery. We work with entities large and small as well as individuals. 


Our mission is to use our tools and ideas to create value four our clients.                


Previous and current clients include BMO, Cadillac Fairview, IMCO, Diageo, YPO, Seattle Seahawks, Western Union, the Pan Pacific Hotel and Seaspan and agencies such as AV Communications, Kihada Advertising, Arrowsmith and Oddbee.


Talentosa also has a strong interest in the arts and is deeply involved in the production of artists, documentaries, short films, and live performances/events.                

Jorge Posada

Founder. Producer. Camera.

Jorge is an artist entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in production, photography, videography and film making. He studied Philosophy and Law in Bogota, Colombia and was the valedictorian of his Entertainment Business Management Vancouver Film School graduating class in 2008. In 2010 he was the official photographer for the Swiss Olympic Team. He has long held leadership positions within the Latin American community and has worked with a number of consulates. He has owned and operated several businesses in the past including a highly successful pet services company in Vancouver. 


For Talentosa he works as a producer, photographer, director, dp, video editor and camera operator.


In Talentosa he is often the first point of contact for clients.


As a community leader and a long-time business owner he has a deep understanding of client needs. 


In 2021 he won a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts for a fine art photography project to be exhibited in Toronto as part of the Contact photography festival in May 2024.


Benjamin Samson

Founder. Producer. Lighting.

Benjamin is a scientist turned artist with over 12 years of experience in production, photography, videography and film making. He has an MSc in Neuroscience and an MPhil  Biological Science but 12 years ago, after a long discussion he began Talentosa with Jorge. His scientific background has lent itself well to providing production and production management services. Benjamin often works on sourcing locations, casting and budgeting for Talentosa.



He is also Talentosa’s copywriter, researcher, storyboard creator and pitch document maker. He has written many successful proposals, business plans and grants. 


On set he switches from production management to grip/gaffer as need be. He is also a capable portrait and product photographer.


He also manages the postproduction team and is a skilled photo retoucher/compositor. 


Atsuko Tanabe

Video Editor. Stylist. Production Management.

Atsuko Tanabe studied art with a specialisation in fashion from the prestigious Kyoto Art University. She then went on to work for Apple.


She heads our video editing department. As a Taiko drummer and dancer she has an inherent sense of rhythm. This provides her with a remarkable talent for cutting images to the beat.


Also, she is our stylist and has been able to work miracles as far as making models look luxurious on sometimes narrow budgets.


Atsuko’s excellent sense of timing and meticulous nature translates into an expertise at creating production schedules and managing a production on and off set to make sure the schedule is kept.


Mayuko Yoshimura

Quality Control. Admin. Production Management. 

Mayuko was also a scientist, studying Biotechnology at Shiba University, before joining Talentosa’s team.


She has an excellent eye for detail with the capacity to see what many might overlook. Every completed Talentosa project has to pass her review before it meets the client.  


Mayuko’s taste and eye for detail has been crucial in set decoration and prop sourcing that supports the narrative of videos and images. 


She is also Talentosa’s finance department ensuring that projects remain on budget as quoted.


Mayuko has also been a producer on several of Talentosa’s projects.

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