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About Us

We are a dynamic organization of diverse young professional photographic creatives. We work with some of the best designers, models, makeup artists, hair stylists and production staff in the city. We take pride in making beautiful images of lasting value.

We work with people that inspire us and we work hard to inspire them.
We guarantee our photos.  We will work persistently and devotedly until we meet and exceed the brief. Our efforts will turn into measurable results for your company or organization.

Jorge Posada a published commercial conceptual photographer and producer with a long track record of creating outstanding images that communicate a clear visual pallet and an unequivocal emotional message. He is a passionate marketer with a successful portfolio of product, portrait, architectural, art and fashion images that have helped a great diversity of business to succeed. He was the valedictorian in his class from Vancouver Film School and during the 2010 Olympics he was the official photographer for the Swiss team. His background in film, philosophy, law and business has left him with a broad practical understanding of what it takes to elevate a commercial venture to the next level as well as an innovative and imaginative approach to artistic endeavours.

Benjamin Samson a producer and photo editor with a record of organizing smooth in-budget large-scale productions. He is a strategic planner and connector with a grand collaborative vision. He is in the process of building a creative community to support our projects and participating artists.His overriding goal is to help those creative individuals he works for and with to quit their day jobs and be able to pursue their passions full-time, if such is their wish. To facilitate their dreams. He was previously a researcher in neuroscience and possesses two master's degrees in the biomedical sciences. This has made him a methodical person with a strong understanding of the logistics necessary to organize complex shoots.

Región Más Transparente

... is a Fashion photographer and art director inspired by the curves and shapes of the female body. His current focus is on the creation of fashion catalogues, look-books, creative campaigns and corporate image, always extracting the DNA of the client's vision and making it appealing to customers. He has a physics background but grew up in an artistic environment. After experimenting in painting and writing, he found photography the medium in which he can best express his views on beauty, eroticism and fine art. His main lines of work are fashion, editorial, erotica, nudes, beauty and portraiture. His work has been published in Magazines such as VOLO and PMagazine. Raised in Latin America and Europe, he has been exposed to many colours, cultures and languages and throughout the years he has developed an elegant and sophisticated vision.

Angie Balbon a unique creative and award-winning makeup artist. She graduated in 2012 from Blanche Macdonald's highly thought of Global Makeup program. That year, she was the key makeup artist for the Hypershine Fashion Show. In 2013, Angie placed 2nd in the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) for character prosthetics. In 2014, her remarkable vision saw her place first in the Zombie Pageant at the Vancouver Tattoo Convention. Also, in 2014, she was a key part of the Vancouver Alternative Fashion show (VALT) cosmetics team. Brides and wedding parties have been especially delighted with her skills and her warmth of character and have continually referred her to new clientele. Angie has conceptualized, organized and participated in several photo shoots that have seen her team published in prestigious industry magazines including Dark Beauty and Freque. Undoubtedly, with Angie's drive, energy and passion for makeup, she is a blossoming force within the makeup industry.

David Astroga a photographer and cinematographer trained at IES Carlos Maria Rodriguez de Valcárcel in Madrid. He has a unique analogue documentary image style inspired by the likes of Fred Herzog and Henri Cartier-Bresson. His ability to capture decisive moments is also reflected in his exceptional understanding of the moving image. He work ethic and abilities make him a great asset on set and he crotibutes much to the efficiency of any production he's part of.

Erica Lapadat-Janzen

.. is a new media artist and cultural creator working out of Vancouver, Canada. She has been featured locally, internationally and in online space. Her focus is to showcase the relationship between art and tech, and in her personal work concentrates on concepts around the body, identity and representation online as well as the relationship between objectivity and subjectivity. She has produced and curated art experiences such as GIF FEST 3000, The New Flesh and Selfie and has been featured in the New York Times, the Vancouver Sun and CBC.